Schema registry fails

Hi there,
I’ve a use case where I’m using alpakka-kafka to produce records on a topic with two avro schemas(HttpRequest & HttpResponse) with ProducerMessage.single but if one of those schema is incorrect in schema registry then full stream close along with kafka producer in first message(if culprit is first one).
So I think if i’ll send one type schema’s message to a topic then it’s ok but if i send multi schema on one topic then this is blocking other schema as well
Is it design specific to close both(stream & kafka) on schema fails ?


Hi @Raghav2211

All Kafka serialisation errors will typically fail the whole Akka Stream.
Errors from the Confluent Schema Registry serialisation and deserialisation are no different and not handled differently in Alpakka Kafka.

There is an idea to decouple the Schema Registry deserialisation from the Alpakka Consumer and Producer in