Secure websockets with Lagom?

Hey guys,

Should it be possible from Lagom to connect to a secure websocket service? So with WebSocketClient?
The following:

trait BinanceStreamingService extends Service {
  def depthStream(symbol: String): ServiceCall[NotUsed, Source[DepthEvent, NotUsed]]

  override final def descriptor = {
    import Service._
    import me.koopal.crypto.api.BinanceModelsMarshallers._

        restCall(GET, "/ws/:symbol@deth", depthStream _)

private val binanceStreamApplication = new LagomClientApplication("binance-ws")
    with StaticServiceLocatorComponents
    with AhcWSComponents {

    override def staticServiceUri = URI.create("wss://")

override def stream = ServiceCall { _ =>
      .map { s =>
        s.runForeach(e => println(e))
      }.onComplete {
        case Success(x) => println("success", x)
        case Failure(ex) => println("failure", ex)


Gives me:

(failure,com.lightbend.lagom.scaladsl.api.transport.DeserializationException: <html>
<head><title>400 The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port</title></head>
<body bgcolor="white">
<center><h1>400 Bad Request</h1></center>
<center>The plain HTTP request was sent to HTTPS port</center>

Am I missing something here?