Service of type websocket not accessible when running in Kubernetes

From the play application, I want to access a microservice end point of type websocket. It work fine in local and in the minikube but then in kubernetes on Openstack, the websocket returns an error -1, handshake problem or may be it is even not accessible ?
I was trying to modify the setting of the nginx ingress controller but may be it has nothing to do with my problem. I really don’t know how to progress with this problem.
Thanks for any help.

Hi @domschoen,

this really sounds like an openstack-specific issue. :frowning:

Thanks, I will investigate that but I wondering if it may be a problem with ssl: My scala.js create a socket without ssl “ws://…” and may be Lagom in production is expecting an SSL connection ?

Here more about the errors:
On the client:
WebSocket connection Error during WebSocket handshake: Unexpected response code: 503

On the server:
14:49:31.243 [] DEBUG - No more bytes available to read (got -1 from read)

Non-SSL connections are supported (actually that’s the default). Is it possible that there’s is a reverse proxy on your OpenStack cluster doing Edge SSL so the JS code must use SSL (wss://) and the Edge termination will translate that into PLAITENXT for Lagom?


You were totally right. It was a problem with port 80 which was open for http but not for websocket ! (I think our IT is a little bit crazy with security)