Show all compilation errors, not just the first one

It’s very useful that Play shows the first compilation error right in the browser.

But it would be even more useful if it showed all compilation errors. Or at least the first 10+ ones.

Would that be possible? Thanks!

You mean you just see one line?
Displaying the stacktrace of the root cause usually should be enough, you can always see all stacktraces in the console.
Also I am working to improve the error page, hopefully with Play 2.8.8, see ProvisionException hides PlayException · Issue #10710 · playframework/playframework · GitHub

Yes, I can (in theory) see them in the console, but that’s buried and cluttered - I usually don’t have it up when doing regular development (it’s a sub-tab in IntelliJ).

Maybe the full stack trace for the first error, and then one-liners for the rest?

Or maybe make the errors expandable? As in: show full stack trace on click of expando-widget?

If only one error, then always show it in its full glory.