Slick 3.4.0 is imminent

If you use Slick, please try 3.4.0-RC3 by changing the version in your build.

After a week, if no regressions have been reported we will G-d willing release 3.4.0 (final).

3.4.0 is mostly about moving to a more efficient community-maintained model. A huge number of community-contributed fixes and improvements are included. Furthermore, a ton of work has been put into automating things so that merging pull requests, keeping the documentation website up to date, and cutting releases can be done effortlessly.

You can see the draft release notes here and the upgrade guide at Upgrade Guides · Slick. The latest docs are at Slick.

After 3.4.0 is released, the top priority is Scala 3 support, G-d willing. Stefan Zeiger, the original author of Slick, wrote an implementation already, but there is work that still needs to be done to get it ready for consumption. I plan to release the result as 3.5.0.

After that, I would like to see Slick evolve freely.

If you would like to get involved, feel free to DM me. Or, help fund Slick by sponsoring me: Sponsor @nafg on GitHub Sponsors · GitHub.

P.S. GitHub Discussions is enabled and there is now a #slick channel on the main Scala Discord


Thank you for all the works!

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