Startup issues on Play 2.6.20

Hi All

I upgraded to Play 2.6.19. In dev mode, I see logs printed on the console

[info] p.a.h.EnabledFilters - Enabled Filters (see <>):


[info] play.api.Play - Application started (Dev)

The application works just fine in Dev mode.

However the same code deployed to pre-production, does NOT emit the Application Started log.
There are no errors, some Akka schedulers are started in the startup sequence and they work fine, but the server does not respond to any HTTP Requests.

Should that log be printed? Any other tell-tale signs I can look for?


The issue got resolved thanks to the runProd with which I could simulate prod run on local. There were exceptions which were not getting logged. After fixing them I could see

Application Started (Prod)
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