StateTimeout not working with Akka FSM in java


I am trying to build an Akka actor FSM in java that times out after a certain time if it remains in the Idle state. I am using this ( as a reference. Below is the sample code that I am using

public class TestActorFSM extends AbstractLoggingFSM<State, Data> {
    startWith(Idle, Uninitialized);

    when(Idle, Duration.create(10, SECONDS),
        matchEventEquals(StateTimeout(), Todo.class,
            (event, todo) -> {
                log().info("Timeout received");
                return goTo(Expired);


Actor is instantiated in Idle state and if it stays in that state for 10 seconds it should go to expired state. After 10 seconds, I do receive an event but it wouldn’t go into the handler and throws a warning with below message. “unhandled event StateTimeout in state Idle”

Can anyone please explain, what am i doing wrong here?