Stream HLS over akka-http


I’am struggling to make HLS(Http Live Streaming) over akka http.

This part I use to send a m3u8 file:

 encodeResponseWith(Gzip) {
   complete {
    val utf8 = HttpCharsets.`UTF-8`
    val `application/x-mpegURL`: WithFixedCharset =
      MediaType.customWithFixedCharset("application", "x-mpegURL", utf8)
    HttpResponse(entity = HttpEntity(`application/x-mpegURL`, ByteString(content)))

And this one is part of sending video parts:

HttpResponse(entity = HttpEntity.Chunked(MediaTypes.`application/octet-stream`, chunks))

The chunks is Source of ChunkStreamParts.

Is this approach right?


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Solved. Firefox had not native HLS support. After switching to Safari it works.


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