Streaming Json from one Play-App to another

I have two microservices running play. Now I need to consume a stream of json from one application (Source-App) in the other (Sink-App)

In the Source-App I have code like this:

val chunked = items
          .map(json => ByteString(json.toString()) ++ ByteString("\n"))

and in the Sink-App, I’m trying to consume the data like this:

val source: Source[JsObject, NotUsed] = Source
            ("Accept", "application/stream+json")
          .map(resp => resp.bodyAsSource))
      .flatMapConcat(s => s) 
      .map(bs => bs.decodeString("UTF-8"))
      .map(s => {
        s // here now instead of getting multiple ByteString elements, its just one element already concatenated 

Is there something wrong in my thinking? It looks like the AhcWsClient is buffering the chunks and concatenating them together. Would akka-http solve this and give me access to the raw stream?

ok… after lots of debugging, I figured out that I should use stream() instead of get() … maybe it helps someone :)

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