Streaming upload

Why isn’t there a body parser that returns the Source of the uploading file instead of FilePart? How can such a parser be written? I want to process the file as it is loading, but not happy about reinventing the wheel for parsing headers of the multipart request.

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Is this what you’re looking for? GitHub - jbaysolutions/play-java-resumable: A working example of a play framework (Java) app working with resumable.js. Allows upload of large files through HTTP (any size).

No, I want Source of the uploading file. I need to asynchronously process its data without touching the disk or buffering it in the memory.

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Is this useful:

Thank you but I know how to stream body. I don’t know an easy and elegant way to stream multipart requests, something better than extends BodyParser.DelegatingMultipartFormDataBodyParser<Source<ByteString, ?>>.