Support Akka 2.6.6

Will there be a release of Play with the Akka version 2.6.6 or greater? I would like to use Play with the recent addition of SBR in Akka 2.6.6. The latest Play version, 2.8.2 has Akka version set to 2.6.5.

Hi @jausmann17,

you can overwrite the dependency provided by Play and use Akka 2.6.6 in you Play 2.8.2 project. Just make sure that all other Akka dependencies brought in transitively are also on 2.6.6.


That’s great news. Could you please explain how to override the Akka version in a Play 2.8.2 project?

Try using sbt's feature to override dependencies:

dependencyOverrides += "org.example" % "artifact" % "version"


hello guy i am new here