Tcp.Received is not called on high load where as Tcp.Connected is being called


I am using Java version of akka and created two program to test Akka TCP client and server. Both are working fine but when i increase the load at client side, I see a data loss at server side.

Basically Tcp.Connected is being call and registered my actor. But at Actor side, Tcp.Received is not being called for all of them. Out of 1000 request, I am getting around 990 or 992 etc.

While registering actor, i used ‘useResumeWriting’ as true as well.

Please suggest best solution to receive almost 100% request.

Thanks in advance.


See if you can use Akka Streams IO instead. It’s built on top Akka IO but provides backpressure in an easier way, which is probably what is wrong with your attempt.