TCP Stream restart attempts stop with cluster client. #30807

I’m using akka 2.5.32 and seing some, imo, buggy behaviour, in the akka cluster client retry mechanism to re-establish a TCP connection.

These are the relevant log lines

2021-10-12 14:49:54.322+0000 DEBUG [a.s.s.RestartWithBackoffFlow] Last restart attempt was more than 1000 milliseconds ago, resetting restart count
2021-10-12 14:49:54.322+0000 WARN  [a.s.s.RestartWithBackoffFlow] Restarting graph due to failure. stack_trace:  ( The connection closed with error: Connection reset by peer)
2021-10-12 14:49:54.322+0000 DEBUG [a.s.s.RestartWithBackoffFlow] Restarting graph in 1086356786 nanoseconds
2021-10-12 14:53:56.118+0000 INFO  [a.e.DummyClassForStringSources] Stopping idle outbound control stream to [akka://cc-discovery-actor-system@some-endpoint:5100]
2021-10-12 14:53:56.126+0000 INFO  [a.e.DummyClassForStringSources] Stopping idle outbound stream [2] to [akka://cc-discovery-actor-system@some-endpoin:5100]
2021-10-12 14:53:56.133+0000 WARN  [a.s.Materializer] [outbound connection to [akka://cc-discovery-actor-system@some-endpoin:5100], message stream] Upstream failed, cause: Association$OutboundStreamStopIdleSignal$: 

After that I don’t see any more restart attempts. Is this expected? I’m trying to follow the source, but it’s beyond my skill level honestly. Please let me know of any more details I can provide.