Two Query Binders not working together

I have to parse parameters for Search and Filter. For Search, I’ve implemented a binder named SearchQueryBinder and for filter it is CommonFilterQueryBinder. In build.sbt I’ve following code:

In routes:

GET    /filter    controllers.apis.ItemsApisController.filter(filter:base.filters.CommonFilter)

GET    /search

This is not being compiled. One strange thing I’ve noticed is the Class that comes first in routes is Ok and the error is for the one that comes second. Am I missing anything here?

Thank you in advance…

Hi @pramesh,

And what is the error?


Hi @marcospereira

No QueryString binder found for type . Whenever I switch the position in routes, Query binder is detected for the first class and not for the second.


Your definitions look correct. Dont you have any implicits on the Search query binder that arent getting resolved?