Two Routes Files Pointing To Same Package - Reverse Routes Seem To Be Overwritten


I would like to get some clarification on how reverse routes are generated in Scala Play 2.6.

After splitting out the routes into separate routes files it was noticed that the some of the routes were not being generated. Googling around, I read on some sites that if the routes file point to the same controller packages, the reverse routes generated for one of the routes file will be overwritten by the other. For example, say I had two routes files as follows:

GET  /foo         packageA.endpointA()
GET /bar          packageA.endpointB()

the routes in file b.routes are overwritten and completely replaced by the routes in file a.routes.

The strange thing is that in the development team I am in the Play project compiles for two team members but fails for the rest of the team. Also the project built and deployed on our Jenkins server. Would I be correct in thinking that the order in which routes are generated is random rather than following some strict ordering?

Oh, I just saw this: