typesafeRepo (https://repo.typesafe.com/typesafe/releases) is returning a 404 error

Resolver.typesafeRepo(“releases”) is redirecting to https://dl.cloudsmith.io/public/lightbend/maven-releases/maven and it is always returning a 404.

I need to retrieve netty-http-pipelining/1.1.2/ for an old project using play 2.3 and the following endpoint just provides an Index

Even when trying to navigate the provided Index I always get the same Index of:

  • akka-io-imports
  • cmdline-jmxclient
  • com
  • io
  • maven-plugins
  • maven-releases-import
  • net
  • org
  • plantuml
  • play
  • silvertip
  • third-party-imports

Is lightbend working on the servers?

Note: I am aware of the JFrog announcement and how this impacted typesafe servers, I’m just wondering if typesafeRepo will be available any time soon? (like I said we depend on it for some of our old services)

Same issue here, though in my case I’m trying to fetch com.typesafe.slick#slick-extensions_2.11;3.1.0 and com.typesafe.play#anorm_2.11;2.3.7.

Same here - if I try to access, let’s say netty-http-pipelining-1.1.2, I find the redirects working wrong:
redirects to
which is not working.

I can access the resource at
which in turn is redirecting back to the old bintray repo, which in my understanding is being decomissioned

Some buiilds depend on these old artifacts, any chance they’ll be made available again soon, or is there a workaround to this?


Sorry for the delayed response and thanks everybody for bringing this to our attention. This was a bug in Bintray’s API which we have rebuilt our migration tooling to work around. We expect to have everything accessible via the new backend soon, and will update here once that is complete.

This should now be resolved, except for contrail and slick-extensions. We should have those working again shortly, though.

And now contrail and slick-extensions should be working. If anybody has any further issues please let us know - as we expect everything to be working without change at this point. Again, sorry for the miss on this repo. For assurances, we have not only migrated data, we have also done a full backup in case something was missed in pushing to the repository.

Thank you, this resolved my issue.