Understand akka.actor.provider=cluster in dev and prod mode

Hi guys,
we are using lagom 1.4.1 for a small application and use Kubernetes (without the reactive-cli and reactive-tools) for deploying the app in production.

Now we have a very strange behavior for a service which only uses the lagom-dependency lagomScaladslApi and has in his application.properties file the following:

akka {
  actor {
   provider = "cluster"

This service cannot be started in the DEV mode because it does not find akka.actor.provider = akka.cluster.ClusterActorRefProvider.

We want to know if we need to configure the akka.actor.provider for production deployment and what is the purpose of the akka.actor.provider. We think the akka.actor.provider is managed internally by lagom and we don’t even need it.


@Gesgui this configuration is not needed (dev or prod). Akka clustering, in Lagom, is handled “under the hood”

@aklikic thanks a lot for the answer.