Url is called when I just paste it in browser

I have created an affiliate link. Then to test how it works I copied the link and paste in another browser when I paste the affiliate link my back end controller called even I did not hit the enter key.

My affiliate link :-

I have added ID as parameter
route file path :-
GET /affiliate/ controllers.Application.affiliate(id: String)

I have tested on chrome and Mozilla, on both controller called when I just paste the affiliate link.
It seems a framework issue. Is it due to the value of parameter is more in size? Is there any issue with syntax?

This is likely due to the browser prefetching the URL. For example, see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24036730/why-is-chrome-calling-the-autocompleted-url-before-validation

It’s definitely not a framework issue.

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Thanks a lot. Issue fixed.