Url is called when I just paste it in browser

(Chaitanya Anpat) #1

I have created an affiliate link. Then to test how it works I copied the link and paste in another browser when I paste the affiliate link my back end controller called even I did not hit the enter key.

My affiliate link :-

I have added ID as parameter
route file path :-
GET /affiliate/ controllers.Application.affiliate(id: String)

I have tested on chrome and Mozilla, on both controller called when I just paste the affiliate link.
It seems a framework issue. Is it due to the value of parameter is more in size? Is there any issue with syntax?

(Greg Methvin) #2

This is likely due to the browser prefetching the URL. For example, see https://stackoverflow.com/questions/24036730/why-is-chrome-calling-the-autocompleted-url-before-validation

It’s definitely not a framework issue.

(Chaitanya Anpat) #3

Thanks a lot. Issue fixed.