Using multiple persistence plugins


I have two categories of persistent actors in the same actor-system

  1. Ones which require the journals and snapshots to be persisted using Cassandra
  2. Another set of persistent actors which require that journals and snapshots are stored in in-memory data-grid (planning to use Hazecast)

I fully understand that category (2) is not really persistence as such but that is part of requirement - we see it more like clustered ephemeral data - treating RAM + network == ‘disk’ :slight_smile:
It does not matter if journals and snapshots are lost when in-memory data-grid cluster fully reboots / restarts

Now, will above type of usage - pinning specific persistence plugin to specific persistent actors is supported ? I am using 2.5 version of akka

Please let me know if I have not expressed my requirement clearly so that I can explain further

Thanks in advance


You can override methods in the Actor to specify which persistence plugin to use:

Works perfectly! Thanks Rob.