Using Scala and sbt for Serverless: Video Tutorial (15min)

Johan Andrén from the Lightbend team created a new video tutorial for using Scala with Akka Serverless. Check it out!

In this short video, you’ll learn how to build, test, and deploy a serverless Key-Value Store using Scala in a matter of minutes–without ever having to touch a database or other infrastructure.

:open_book: DOCS :open_book: Developing with Java or Scala :: Akka Serverless Documentation

Table of Contents:

0:00 - Introduction to Scala with Akka Serverless by Johan Andrén (
0:44 - Finding the docs and registration at
02:10 - Create a new project from a template
03:02 - Protobuf and gRPC descriptors
04:34 - Code generation
05:18 - Generated Value Entity sources
05:28 - Implementing entity command handlers
08:27 - Generated entity base class
09:05 - Generated unit testkit
09:41 - Integration test kit
10:07 - Package and deploy the service 11:49 - Web console
12:53 - Service introspection with the service explorer
13:26 - Call the gRPC endpoints from a terminal
14:21 - Summary and next steps