Vue.js with Playframework example

(Tanin Na Nakorn) #1

I’d like to share how we integrate Vue.js with Playframework.

We’ve made sbt-vuefy for using Vue.js in a traditional way (not SPA) with Playframework. The plugin hot-reloads *.vue to *.js during sbt run using sbt-web’s syncIncremental. It also handles dependencies and etc.

A complete example is here:

Please let me know if you have questions. I’d love for more people to use our plugin :)

(Marcos Pereira) #2


Thanks for sharing, @tanin47. It would be good to also add it to sbt-web plugins list here:


(Tanin Na Nakorn) #3

Good idea. I’ll do that. Thank you!

Is it ok to share (instead of asking questions) on this forum?