Warnings when event loop is blocked?


I’m wondering if there is a feature in the Play framework when one of the built in thread pools are blocked for a signit.

The Vert.x framework has this built in

Thread vertx-eventloop-thread-3 has been blocked for 20458 ms

Is there something similar in Play, and if not is there something I could write to achieve the same goal, i.e. detecting bad code on the application side that might be impacting performance.

We don’t have anything like that out-of-the box.

But Akka has a commercial module to detect thread starvation: https://developer.lightbend.com/docs/akka-commercial-addons/current/starvation-detector.html

Note that this is exclusively available for Lightbend customers.


Thanks for the response!

Its interesting the process that the page describes because its what I’ve attempted as well. That is periodically try to run something using the dispatcher and time the latency.