What is the status of the sbteclipse project?

I’m talking about this repository.

The latest release was released in 2017. I posted an issue over 3 months ago and nothing has happened since.

Is the project abandoned? If so, is there an alternative?

You are asking your question in the wrong place. However, lightbend is a sponsor of sbt but this forum is related to the play framework. On the sbt website, they offer to ask your questions on stack overflow: sbt - Support

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sbteclipse is dead for few years.

Use IntelliJ Idea or newly Metals · Scala language server with rich IDE features

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. I use Play for Java, so am I forced to use IntelliJ?

Sorry but your reply is pretty lazy.

PlayFramework has made sbt the defacto build tool thus its surrounding plugins (like sbteclipse) are effectively required for successful development.
The PlayFramework documentation explicitly has an entire page dedicated to using sbteclipse for IDE integration so it’s really not that outlandish for a person to ask questions about it here.

@slisaasquatch from what I can tell, it seems like the plugin has been dead for a while.

I recently bought an Apple Silicon based MacBookAir and have been struggling to get my PlayFramework application up and running. In order to get sbt to even launch I had to upgrade to 1.4.7. One of the problems I’m facing now is that simply having the sbteclipse plugin (5.2.4) configured in my plugins.sbt file completely breaks the compile step.

I’ve been working with a guy who submitted a PR a couple weeks ago to try to get sbteclipse to at least function with sbt 1.4.7 but I’ve found myself having to learn scala + the convoluted inner workings of sbt before I can make any sort of contribution to the sbteclipse situation.

Up until this Apple Silicon situation, I’d been using PlayFramework (java flavor) + sbteclipse + VSCode which worked well-enough.

I just realized there’s a whole subsection on this forum for sbt + plugins