What is wrong?How to do?

what happend?how should I do?

I found above problem due to this,this class have the two same function and the parameters,
So How to do like this?
Please help me!!!.
I am very very very Anxious;

Hi @ericyu
Do you have a code snippet where this is happening? I just see a screenshot there. Which object are you calling getContext() on?

Thank you very much.

this is my dependency;

this is my code;

this is source code;

I’m sorry, I’m not familiar with the akka-serial-code library form Jakob Odersky. Maybe somebody else is.
On a side note, please notice that this is not an akka library developed by the Akka Team.

this is Akka library,it also has the same methods;why?

Could it perhaps be this issue: Http.get is ambiguous from Java

As far as I understand it the fix should be in the artifacts when we build with 2.12.7 (not yet released), the original reporter claimed he got rid of the warnings just by installing the Scala plugin in IntelliJ.

yes,your idea is very good,I install the Scala plugin and the warning is disappear;
Thank you very much