What was your experience with Play documentation as a new user?

(Marcos Pereira) #21

Thanks for the feedback, @Sylvain.

It looks like we have a problem with language management at the website. Do you mind opening an issue in https://github.com/playframework/playframework.com/ so that we can investigate later?

I appreciate if you can open an issue for this problem too. I have a good idea of what could be possibly happening but don’t have the time to solve it right now.


(Patrick Li) #22

As I started looking into using sbt-web more for things such as digest, gzip, uglify, etc… it seems the documentation on sbt-web topic is a bit light. There is a paragraph or two about it (e.g. asset fingerprinting), but I found it a little confusing on what I need to put into build.sbt and plugins.sbt (or what I do not need). The best doc on this topic was actually a blog written by someone else I found via Google. The play-java-sample application also does not seem to cover this.


Done for both issues ;-)


I think that the documentation is for developers that already know Play. For a beginner is a little complicated to understand how to use Play in a real application. In my opinion need more real examples about authentication, how to secure actions, how to interact with databases sql and nosql. I wrote a lot of application using Play, but for more things I’d to search via Google especially to interact with mongoDB. I understand that this is not really related with Play but could help new users to become interested to Play.

(Marcos Pereira) #25

Hey @Sylvain,

Just to let you know that the search issue is now fixed. :slight_smile:



@marcospereira yes it’s fixed :-) Many thanks. Sure it will be helpful ^^

(robert jackson) #27

Like other users have mentioned, it seems the documentation is more for people familiar with Play. It is just small things here and there, small pertinent steps which make things work etc. It is hard to for an experienced person to document processes and actions they have performed hundreds of times, steps get missed. Plus it would be great if the Play documentation added a “User contributed Notes” section. This was always my absolute most favorite part of the PHP language. The fact that users can contribute as they make discoveries, really, really adds to the clarity of the documentation by a long shot. Look at the User Contributed Notes section.
Notice how users have added their notes. If you look throughout the docs you will notice users even note which versions of PHP their notes pertain too, when it is something affected by a major change. Play documentation gives you a link to some forum, where you then must search for anything you can find related to your issue. Having a “User Contributed Notes” section would greatly improve the documentation, especially for new users. Plus it’s not like there are millions and millions of people learning/using Play Or Scala, so this feature is less likely to be abused. It is nice to have info about the source right at the source.
So if there is any improvement that I think would make the most difference for Play, it would be adding a “User Contributed Notes” Section. Other than that I actually print some of the documentation and keep it in a 3 ring binder and take notes on notebook paper. :man_office_worker: