What was your experience with Play documentation as a new user?

(Marcos Pereira) #21

Thanks for the feedback, @Sylvain.

It looks like we have a problem with language management at the website. Do you mind opening an issue in https://github.com/playframework/playframework.com/ so that we can investigate later?

I appreciate if you can open an issue for this problem too. I have a good idea of what could be possibly happening but don’t have the time to solve it right now.


(Patrick Li) #22

As I started looking into using sbt-web more for things such as digest, gzip, uglify, etc… it seems the documentation on sbt-web topic is a bit light. There is a paragraph or two about it (e.g. asset fingerprinting), but I found it a little confusing on what I need to put into build.sbt and plugins.sbt (or what I do not need). The best doc on this topic was actually a blog written by someone else I found via Google. The play-java-sample application also does not seem to cover this.


Done for both issues ;-)


I think that the documentation is for developers that already know Play. For a beginner is a little complicated to understand how to use Play in a real application. In my opinion need more real examples about authentication, how to secure actions, how to interact with databases sql and nosql. I wrote a lot of application using Play, but for more things I’d to search via Google especially to interact with mongoDB. I understand that this is not really related with Play but could help new users to become interested to Play.

(Marcos Pereira) #25

Hey @Sylvain,

Just to let you know that the search issue is now fixed. :slight_smile:



@marcospereira yes it’s fixed :-) Many thanks. Sure it will be helpful ^^