When hostname is set to "", cluster seed node can't be connected, why?

To config my Akka cluster, I’d like to use “” to config hostname to avoid bother what specific local IP address is. But when I set hostname to “” and set seed-nodes pointing to a local IP address, like the following screenshot shows:

then I got the following error output, showing seed node can’t be connected:

Dropping Handshake Request from [akka://director-engine@] addressed to unknown local address [akka://director-engine@]. Local address is [akka://director-engine@]. Check that the sending system uses the same address to contact recipient system as defined in the ‘akka.remote.artery.canonical.hostname’ of the recipient system.

It only works if I use specific IP address in hostname as follows:

Though it works, it’s very tedious as I have to use different config file for different cluster nodes. I’d like to use “” to avoid it. Can I?


The canonical address and port is used in messages and actor refs so it needs to be an address that can be used to reach the node from any other node in the cluster. is a wildcard which means (among other things depending on context) all the interfaces of this machine, it cannot be used to reach it from the rest of the network.

Note that you can use environment variables in the config.