When is akka 2.5.x end of life

I could not see any official statement about EOL for akka 2.5.x.
I could only found the following statement in 2.5.32 release notes:
“This is expected to be one of the last releases in the 2.5 series, and we encourage any users to plan their upgrade to 2.6.”

Do you have any estimations already?

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Lightbend support for Akka 2.5.x expired 1.5 years ago, with some special exceptions. We don’t have any plans to release any more 2.5.x versions.

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Hi Patrik. Thanks. Is it documented somewhere?

I made a similar post for Play a while back.

If you have support contract from Lightbend, you can find details about current dates of support on the support portal. If you don’t have a support contract, then you can probably guesstimate by Lightbend’s general policies:

  • Each project’s stable version will be supported for a minimum of 2 years from its origin release date.
  • Once a newer stable version is released, the previous stable version will be supported for a minimum of 1 year from the new stable’s origin release date.

Hi. I asked about 2.5 EOF, not 2.4

The one reacting about Akka 2.4 was a spammer, I believe. They picked a text from one of our blogs to post here and added a link to some unrelated website in it.

The post is removed and user is blocked.

Sorry for the incovenience.