Which are the main differences between Lighbend Pipelines and Lightbend Cloudflow considering the functionality of the both?


It is well-known that Lightbend has an another incarnation of so-called ‘pipeline-engine’ called Lightbend Pipelines. I’m aware that Lighbend Pipelines is (or was?) commercial.
I want to clarify the differences between them, since currently I don’t have a concrete understanding about it.
Is Cloudflow a predictable evolution of Pipelines or these are two whole different products?
Does Cloudflow has a same functionality considering monitoring features (for example as Lightbend Console has) as Pipelines had?
In other words, why should I go for Pipelines if there is Cloudflow?
I would be really appreciated for any possible clarifications on this, thanks!

Hi Alex

Cloudflow is the open sourced version of the product formerly known as Pipelines. We have taken almost all features from Pipelines and open sourced them. The Lightbend Platform does contain some additional commercial features of Cloudflow, most importantly the metrics system on top of Prometheus and the monitoring UI based on the Lightbend Console. The commercial version of Cloudflow also has a more powerful installer based on the operator pattern. And of course you would get access to all the other parts of the Lightbend Platform as well as the hardcore developer support we are known for.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on the release of Cloudflow 1.3.0, which will be the first commercial release under the new name and with the new installer.

If you want we can set up a demo with you to show the metrics and monitoring features as well as discuss the capabilities of the new installer and other upcoming features.

Age Mooij
Cloudflow tech lead.


Hello Age

Thank you for such detailed clarification! As far as I know there is a webinar on Cloudflow was scheduled for today - https://info.lightbend.com/webinar-how-to-build-streaming-data-pipelines-with-akka-stream-flink-spark-using-cloudflow-register.html, so I plan to stay tuned and get some extra knowledge from it.
Do you know whether it covers the aspects of the commercial rather than the open-source version of Cloudflow?

The webinar will focus mostly on the open source version but it will also show a feature matrix comparing OSS to the commercial version.



Great thanks for the explanation!