Why ppt MediaType is `application/mspowerpoint` but not application/vnd.ms-powerpoint?

the ms’s owa not support application/mspowerpoint response from akka http

My best guess is that application/mspowerpoint is the old name for that Media Type. I can see some websites showing this Media Type as the one for PowerPoint, but none of them seem official enough.
I checked https://www.iana.org/assignments/media-types/media-types.xhtml (which I believe it can be trusted :slight_smile:) and as you state, the correct Media Type for powerpoint seems to be application/vnd.ms-powerpoint.
And actually, application/mspowerpoint is nowhere to be seen on the iana website for media types.

Would you mind creating a ticket in the Akka HTTP repo?

maybe i can make a pr for this :joy:

Sure thing! Please reach out if you have any trouble or question