Will new entity instances be streamed back, in a response, for a View

I see that we can use gRPC streams to manage our response for View (Implementing Views :: Akka Serverless Documentation). I see, from the docs, that the Views themselves have some built-in latency. But in the example of a streamed response, will, for example, new entity instances be sent back to an open connection? In the example, GetCustomers, there’s a query for fetching customers with a given name. What if that was changed to fetch all customers? Would the streamed response include newly created customers, i.e. I grpcurl to GetCustomers, see initial set of data returned, maintain that connection and some other app creates a new customer entity instance? Would that current open connection receive, eventually, the newly created data, without having to re-issue the original request?

No, it will not. The stream is completed at the end of the result set of the query. The stream will only contain results from when the query was executed.

Live queries is an interesting feature but it’s currently not supported.

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