Writing large partition error

Hi all,

Our Cassandra has been printing these error messages:

Writing large partition error

WARN [CompactionExecutor:3] 2019-03-27 10:32:21,981 BigTableWriter.java:211 - Writing large partition composition/eventsbytag1:com.xyz.odk.cvzxc.impl.entities.plan.ces.events.package$CustomerEvt3:20190327 (180.417MiB) to sstable /var/lib/cassandra/data/composition/eventsbytag1-5d7a44c04fc011e9b0e3038f8cea8ac5/mc-162-big-Data.db\n

is this eventsbytag1 materialized view that was created by the Lagom internally?
What is the use for it? And how do we handle this ‘large partition’ error messages?