X-REAL-IP causing interesting side effects


One API proxy before our service decided that they will send more ip addresses in the x-real-ip header. This causes a warn log similar to this. The bigger problem is that all of our requests gets rejected. We tried to narrow down the problem from the akka repo and from our code too. We don’t use any extractClientIp directive (but as I see this would not kill the request/response). We only iterate through headers which can cause this kind of “I can’t parse that” behavior. But as I saw in the code that is handled too.

We try to talk down the other team to use this header with multiple ip-s in it, and we still try to debug where this is going wrong, but in third option if sb have any other idea why this could happen we are open for any idea!

(It’s possible that we use an older akka-http version, and this is fixed by now, and was a bug before? This is my next step to figure out. But building a functionality to a non-standard header in a framework is not a really convenient thing :D )