A ".temp" file is created when using Play! framework to upload a file

Dear all,

I am using Play! 2.6 and my application supports a user to upload a (potentially large) file. Sometimes, the file is not uploaded correctly in the sense that only part of it has been uploaded, meanwhile, a new .temp file is created together with the partially-uploaded file in the same directory (which the code does not do). Feels like there is some kind of “race” condition happening. And this is really hard to debug since I cannot re-create this repeatedly - most of the time, the upload just works fine.

Has anyone seen this before? what could be the problem behind this?

Many thanks!

thanks! let me check on this document.

Also take a look at https://github.com/playframework/play-java-fileupload-example/tree/2.6.x

Thank you! in the middle of learning Akka so this is a great example to see. thanks again!

Useful topic, thanks!