akka.actor.Inbox gone from Akka 2.6+?

Our team was using a 2.4 version (Scala 2.11) of Akka for Java. We were tasked with upgrading this version, and when trying to go to the latest (2.6 with Scala 2.13), it looks like we’re using the akka.actor.Inbox class in one place, but I’m not seeing it in versions 2.6+. I checked the docs and migration guides, which I used to update everything fairly easily, but I couldn’t find any mentions of this actor. Did I miss something? What happened to Inbox and are there alternatives for the same functionality? This is older code that I’m not familiar with, so I’m not 100% on the intention. Just looking if there was a known migration path for it. Thanks!

One option is to create a real actor to receive the messages instead of the inbox.

In many cases ActorRef ask would be an alternative for request-response interactions.

If it’s used in tests the TestProbe would be a replacement.