Akka http server not accepting connections / request in AWS Classic Load Balancer 1 post by 1 author

We are running load test on back end created using akka http server.

There are two instances of server and running behind a AWS Classic Load Balancer .While increasing the requests count , we are seeing , some requests are timed out by Load Balancer.

There were no logs coming application side for the ones which failed.But in tcp dump of the EC2 instances , its clear that request from Load Balancer reached instance.But somehow request is not picked by Akka http or akka tcp connection layer.

As there is no way to print internal tcp logs of akka tcp layer , unable to identify where exactly it broken.

Anybody know what could be the reason?

I’d recommend setting up some form of profiling of the JVMs on your nodes, perhaps you filled up memory or starved the thread pools of the actor system. Dumping the stack and looking at what is going on in the JVM is also often useful.