Akka Persistence Cassandra tag_views skip events

Good day,
The problem is that TagWriter didn’t save events in tag_views table, skip 3-10 Sequence numbers, how to fix it or can you help to understand the reason for this to prevent it in the future?
As I understand from doc, this situation should be fixed by backTracking, but I try to set up it, but it didn’t help me.
I use projections by eventsByTag, but it builds incorrect projection by reason of skipped events in tag_views.
EventSourcedProvider.eventsByTag<T>(system, CassandraReadJournal.Identifier(), tag)

My persistence config:

akka {
  persistence {
     cassandra {
      session-provider = "akka.stream.alpakka.cassandra.DefaultSessionProvider"

      events-by-tag {
        eventual-consistency-delay = 5s
        flush-interval = 50ms
        pubsub-notification = on
        first-time-bucket = "20230808T00:00"
        verbose-debug-logging = true
        bucket-size = Day

    projection {
    cassandra {
      session-config-path = "akka.projection.cassandra.session-config"

      session-config {
        session-provider = "akka.stream.alpakka.cassandra.DefaultSessionProvider"

      offset-store {
        keyspace = "akka_projection"
        table = "offset_store"
        management-table = "projection_management"



hmm, as I understand from the reference.conf TagWriter retries events if they don’t store to tag_views, and then the actor will restart, but if TagWriter fails retries events won’t be saved to tag_views.
How to resync tag_views and messages or how to detect that tag_views skip events?

# Tagged events are written to a separate table after the write to the messages table has completed.
    # If the write to the tag_views table fails it is retried. If it hasn't succeeded within this timeout
    # then the actor will be stopped and the write will be retried again to the tag_views table when the actor
    # is restarted
    # A default of 4 seconds as that is greater than a typical write timeout in C* (2 seconds) and less than
    # the default eventual consistency delay
    # This behavior is new in 1.0.4 where before the write to the tag_views was completely asynchronous.
    tag-write-timeout = 4s