Alpakka 1.1.2 and Alpakka Kafka 1.1.0 released

Dear hakkers,

The Alpakka contributors are proud to present our two latest releases:

Alpakka 1.1.2


  • Important fix in AWS S3 which avoids illegal requests to AWS.
  • Several improvements have been backported from the master branch which is targetting Alpakka 2.0.
  • The connectors built on Akka HTTP pull up its version to Akka HTTP 10.1.10.

Alpakka Release notes

We will continue to work on changes for Alpakka 2.0, where some will be API-breaking. Most importantly, we’ll upgrade most of the library dependencies to the current versions.

Alpakka Kafka 1.1.0

In 1.1.0 we implemented the internals of committing slightly differently which has a positive effect on high-throughput consumers.
For advanced use cases, the committablePartitionedManualOffsetSource is now available.

Alpakka Kafka release notes

As Apache Kafka is due to release version 2.4.0, we’ll try to bring in a few improvements to Alpakka Kafka and upgrade to the Kafka client 2.4 shortly after their release. If everything goes well, we’ll release Alpakka Kafka 2.0 shortly after.

Happy hakking,
your Alpakkas

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