Column families to create in external (dev/prod) cassandra

I am using cassandra for write-side persistence. I have been using embedded cass all this while but now I need to push things in production. For this I had been looking for documents suggesting which column families to create in production. I stumbled upon this document that suggest to deploy postgres instead on write-side. The doc also points to this sql file on github for reference. When I tried looking for similar sql file at, I couldn’t find any. However, this repo forwarded me to a document that apparently explains it all at length here. The problem is that it doesn’t look similar to what embedded cass creates by itself. This got me confused since the document doesn’t mention about config column family, suggests to create a lot more column families that weren’t created by embedded cass, plus suggests to create the snapshots column familiy under a different keyspaces.

cqlsh:intimations> DESC COLUMNFAMILIES ;
messages  config  snapshots  metadata

Is it okay to only refer column families created by embedded cass? Is there any example repo or a straight forward doc to follow along ?


Maybe you created the tables from a different version than the 1.0.0 that is described in the documentation?