Facing Issue in sending message from one flow to another

I was trying to send the packet of size 110KB from one flow to another. But message wasn’t reached to the second flow because of dead letters encountered. I tried to catch the exception by adding my stream in try catch block, but exception wasn’t catched (or occurred not sure).
How akka streams uses actor internally ?
When i am trying to send part of that packet with change in flow , it is getting processed.

Can I get any reference for the same? If there are any properties or anything that we can manage like timeout of actors or may be the size of the packets to be transferred.

Hi @MayankKhemka94,

Error handling works quite differently in both actors and Akka Streams as almost all operations are asynchronous. You won’t be able to use classic try-catch to capture exceptions.

Instead you’ll most of the time need to inspect the Future or CompletionStage that indicates stream completion.

What technologies are you talking about here? Are you using Akka HTTP to send the packet or is it within an actor system?