Getting size of the message


We want to be able to track the size of the message we are sending. I see the property below. However, according to this documentation, it only logs the message type, correct?

	akka {
	  remote {
	    # Logging of message types with payload size in bytes larger than
	    # this value. Maximum detected size per message type is logged once,
	    # with an increase threshold of 10%.
	    # By default this feature is turned off. Activate it by setting the property to
	    # a value in bytes, such as 1000b. Note that for all messages larger than this
	    # limit there will be extra performance and scalability cost.
	    log-frame-size-exceeding = 1000b

The other way I see is using this java way to get the size of the object.

Do you have other suggestions?

Thank you,

It keeps track of max size of remote messages (serialized bytes) and logs that when it’s exceeding the threshold and when it’s increasing. Measurements per message class.