Hibernate envers in play 2.6.18

Hi, Im having trouble with my code after migrating to this version of play.

Im using hibernate envers library to generate audit trails.
I have extendend the envers library to add the username to the revision info table. This is done with the followign class.

public class ExtendAuditEntityListener implements EntityTrackingRevisionListener {

     * Completa la data de la entidad con información auditable.
     * @param entityClass
     * @param entityName
     * @param entityId
     * @param auditType
     * @param auditEntity
    public void entityChanged(
        Class entityClass, String entityName, Serializable entityId, RevisionType auditType, Object auditEntity) {
        IITSecurity.IITAuthenticator actionAuthenticator = new IITSecurity.IITAuthenticator();
        Optional<String> login = actionAuthenticator.getUsername(play.mvc.Controller.ctx().request());
        String loginStr = "";
        if (login != null)
            loginStr = login.get();
        ExtendAuditEntity audit = (ExtendAuditEntity) auditEntity;

my issue is that play.mvc.Controller.ctx().request() is deprecated, and dont know how to replace it. I have try to inject the httpcontext in this class but im getting this error during runtime.

Error injecting constructor, org.hibernate.InstantiationException: Could not instantiate managed bean directly : model.entities.generic.ExtendAuditEntityListener

Please any advise is welcome!
Thanks, Sergio