How to generate ActorRef[StatusReply] using the Asynchronous testing API

I am trying to use the typed scala test kit and have a command as follows:

final case class Available (replyTo: ActorRef[StatusReply[Producer.Command]]) extends Command

I want top send this message in a test and do so according to the examples:

    val consumer: ActorRef[Producer.Command] = testKit.spawn(behavior, Consumer.ID, dispatcher)
    consumer ! Consumer.Available(consumer)

But I get the error:

[error] 58 |    consumer ! Consumer.Available(consumer)
[error]    |                                  ^^^^^^^^
[error]    |Found:    (consumer :[concurrency.Producer.Command])
[error]    |Required:[akka.pattern.StatusReply[concurrency.Producer.Command]
[error]    |  ]
[error] one error found

How can I generate and send such a message? In the original code I use a:

ctx: ActorContext[Producer.Command] = ...

How can I convert the standard type:


into a:

ActorRef[akka.pattern.StatusReply[AType.Command] ]

Note that I cannot use the original method because I have no way of referencing an ActorContext