Lagom Api building issues

how to resolve these issues

  1. at java.base/ Source) ~[na:na]
    08/09 14:18:29 ERROR[NonPeriodicTasks:1] o.a.c.d.l.LogTransaction - Failed deletion for C:\Users\Ali Hassan\Desktop\lagom-scala-sbt\lagom-scala-sbt\target\embedded-cassandra\data\system\local-7ad54392bcdd35a684174e047860b377\mc-59-big, we’ll retry after GC and on server restart
    after restarting kafla and casanda server shutdown unexceptedly
    2.(ThisBuild / lagomServiceLocatorStart) Failed to start embedded Service Locator or Service Gateway. Hint: Are ports 9008 and 9000 already in use?
    [error] Total time: 50 s, completed Aug 9, 2018, 2:18:47 PM