outgoingConnectionHttps working differently than curl or superPool

So I was doing some http(s) requests with the akka http client and noticed that some pages worked differently than curl, for instance curl “https://github.com/akka/akka-http.git/info/refs?service=git-upload-pack gives basically the same output as git ls-remote (in fact it’s what git ls-remote uses) however when using akka http connection level api. Any ideas as to what might be going wrong? I’m using akka-http 10.1.3 and akka 2.5.14.

Here’s some code that demonstrates my issue https://pastebin.com/XNA5d9uF but basically I get 404’s from github which indicates that something different is happening. I’ve tried adjusting the headers to match and still nothing.

So it turns out outgoingConnectionHttps is working differently than superPool, I guess I’m missing something subtly wrong when using outgoingConnectionHttps