Persistence jdbc journal batch write timing


The documentation says internally persistence journal writes are batched with a maximum defined by batchSize. I can’t seem to find the documentation on how long the jdbc client will wait for the batch to be filled until it proceeds with the db write. Can somebody point me to what config defines how long the jdbc client will wait for a batch to be filled before it proceeds with a journal write?

Where is that documentation?

There is no such batching to my knowledge, unless using the persistAsync methods. I would recommend against that.

You can add batching in your actor behavior and store more than one event at a time in that way.

I can’t find a documentation for the latest akka version. This is the closest one to mention about batch writes. I’m not sure if the persist calls in akka type call this internally. persistence-journals.html

In the journal jdbc config we have configs for batch write such as batchSize and parallelism.

@patriknw do you know where these configs are used?