Play 2.7.0-RC9 released!

The Play team is proud to announce a new, hopefully, the last, release candidate for Play 2.7.0. With this release candidate, we are fixing some issues found in RC8 and thus approaching an upcoming GA release. We are also moving closer to the idea of freezing the APIs.

As with the previous RC, the primary goal is to get feedback, so please let us know if something isn’t working or you see something that should be improved. If you are the author of a Play module, we would recommend checking out this release to see how it will affect your module. If there are changes not well documented in javadocs, scaladocs or our migration guides, please, let us know so that we can improve them before the general availability release.

There are many improvements and changes at this new release compared to the previous RC. For more details see the full list of changes. But as we did for Play 2.6, we pushed to have a smooth migration from the previous version.

What is new

Play 2.7.0-RC9 brings several bug fixes and improvements. Notable changes:

For other changes, you can see a summary of our progress on 2.7.0 in our roadmap document.


Finally, thanks to the community for their help with detailed bug reports, discussion about new features, and pull requests review.

Thanks to Lightbend for their continued sponsorship of the Play core team’s efforts. Lightbend offers commercial support for Play.

Special thanks to the following contributors who helped with this release: Arnout Engelen, Dale Wijnand, Gabriel Klappenbach, Greg Methvin, Hajime Shiozawa, Ignasi Marimon-Clos, James Roper, Marcos Pereira, Matthias Kurz, Natsumi, Rafael Zanella, Renato Cavalcanti

Play Team!

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