Play Framework Discussions

Where are the discussions about Play Framework?

I know that Play is no longer maintained by Lightbend, but the discussion board contained a lot of useful information. Every time I’m looking up issues or questions about Play Framework, some links to this discussion board come up, and now they all are offline.

I hope this was an honest mistake that can be reverted.

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The discussion topics are still available here:
Could you provide an example of a broken link?

For the record, there is a new discussion board for Play in GitHub:

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It is not. When I click on this link I get a 404.
Is the topic only accessible to certain users?

Oh, that’s a mistake then.
I have access to it, but I’m connected with my Lightbend account.

I will forward this to our IT team. That was certainly not the intention to make the old discussion private.

Thanks for pointing this out.

Thank you.

If Lightbend intends to take play discussions offline, or no longer wants to host them, I’d appreciate it if there was some coordination on that with the current Play Framework team. So that it could be backed up and made available as a search engine indexable archive page. There is a lot of useful information here which helps developers on a daily basis.

Hi @hertg,

Could you try the link again?
We changed the settings and it should be visible once again.



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Yes, it is accessible now.
Thank you for the quick response.

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