Playfraework with UDP protocols

Planning to create a stack with UDP protocols. So that my rest API will use UDP protocols instead of TCP.

is it possible in play framework ?

This is what the relevant section of the HTTP RFC 2616 states

   HTTP only presumes a reliable
   transport; any protocol that provides such guarantees can be used;
   the mapping of the HTTP/1.1 request and response structures onto the
   transport data units of the protocol in question is outside the scope
   of this specification.

In a way it indirectly precludes usage of a non-reliable transport like UDP. If you are planning to use UDP, not so sure if it would be REST API anymore given that REST is tailor made for HTTP and the above assumes a reliable transport.

My 2 bucks.


Possible, yes. The question is : Why ? UDP is only useful if you can afford and handle with packetloss. Unless you have specific reasons to do so, I would stick with HTTP over TCP.