Reading a ZIP file with alpakka

Hey guys,

I want to read a zip archive containing a big file.
I found in alpakka 3 the Archive including a tar reader, but whats about a zip reader?
There is also an inflator in Compression but still the recognition of the files itself is missing, right?

Is there a trick for that?


It is somewhat strange but even alpakka uses this ArchiveHelper in its tests and not some self-implemented thing… It is already “streams” from java land, so it shouldn’t be much work to wrap to scala code.

I will cook up a gist/PR later today/tomorrow bcs I get interested :D

Nice link, thank you!
I also found in the contrib:

But since it does not support IOResult its more an experimental thing.

I have no idea if it works in production env or not, but one implementation is this;

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Looks great, the api is very similar to the tar reader. I really like that way. I’m currently testing it!