Running only unit tests in a Play project with sbt

I’ve got a Play application (using db, actors, etc…) with some unit tests on some key services.

I can easly run the unit tests inside the IDE, but if I run

sbt test

The whole application starts and I get an error 'cause it cannot acquire a database connection

I’ve also tried to run only the tests in the services package with:

sbt "testOnly services.*"

But no test run and the output is:

[info] Passed: Total 0, Failed 0, Errors 0, Passed 0
[info] No tests to run for Test / testOnly

Is there a way to run only the unit tests in isolation, without the whole Play application?
Do I need to start a full FakeApplication with in memory db? I would like to execute them as a step in my CI system.



I made sbt test run only the unit tests. There was an example Controller Test that was starting the whole application. After removing that test everything works as expected.